Our Team

Jason - Professional Coach


Jason Stanton is the co-founder of Skillz4me and is our Program Leader. Jason has been a professional sports coach for over 10 years and also manages the Disability programs for Cronulla Sharks NRL.

Sarah - Social Worker


Sarah Stanton is the co-founder of Skillz4me and is one of our Program Leaders. Sarah is a Social Worker that works in the Disability sector. She also has experience in Behavioural Therapy.

Jacquie - Behavioural Therapist


Jacquie Ward is a Behavioural Therapist with an undergraduate degree in Psychology. She has a natural connection with children.

Victoria - Occupational Therapist


Victoria Read is an experienced Occupational therapist from OT4me. She has a masters degree and has worked in the disability sector over the last few years.

Luisa - Early Childhood Teacher


Luisa Helwani is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. She has extensive knowledge in child development and disabilities and is a great asset to the program.

Margaret - Disability Support Worker


Margaret St Hill is an energetic Disability Support Worker who is passionate about helping those needing assistance.